Complexe sportif a Beaune

(Willy) Michael WILSON

39 ans


BPJEPS mention D qualified physical trainer as well as a CrossFit level 1 trainer certification.

I’m a recently retired professional rugby player / coach / strength and conditioning coach from NZ. For just over 10 years now living the dream here in Europe from playing rugby, coaching, meeting great people along the way, learning 2 new languages plus requiring diplomas in French and creating my beautiful (French/kiwi) family, I felt that it was time to take our experience further and use this to help others by creating MKF.


I didn’t want to just create a gym. There are way too many of these anywhere and everywhere. I wanted us to create a community where we take coaching to another level. Not your typical classes where you follow the coach through a routine with funky music playing to motivate you, but a real coaching experience where you learn functional movements that relate to real life situations.

I want to help others achieve a healthier and fitter lifestyle through using the CrossFit methods of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. These 2 words HIGH INTENSITY scare people, but high intensity is relative to our own personal levels. This is why with CrossFit the workouts are adapted specially to the level of each athlete. Whether it’s the load, distance, amount of time or repetitions everybody gets the same physiological response from the workouts but adapted to their own level.

And the beauty of all this is the community that CrossFit creates with its camaraderie of when we sometimes want to quit, everyone is there encouraging you along. A real support team.

"Where are the machines?


CrossFit Beaune chez MANA Kiwi Fit la 1ere box de CrossFit affiliee a Beaune.

CrossFit Beaune chez MANA Kiwi Fit

"Where are the machines?


  • Adresse:  
    • 5 Rue de Cîteaux, 21200 BEAUNE
  • Téléphone:
    • 03 80 20 69 20 

Heures d'ouverture : 

  • Lundi 9:00h-13:45h et  16:30h-21:00h
  • Mardi 9:00h-13:45h et  16:30h-21:00h
  • Mercredi 9:00h-13:45h et  16:30h-21:00h
  • Jeudi 9:00h-13:45h et  16:30h-21:00h
  • Vendredi 9:00h-13:45h et  16:30h-21:00h
  • Samedi 9:00h-12:00h
  • Dimanche Fermé